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Our Products and Styles
Tops come with regular v-neck, keyhole neck, button neck, and weskit.

Jackets in numerous styles.
Regular v-neck with ribbed cuffs, snaps and your choice of pockets.
Baseball style with ribbed collar and cuffs.
Regular button or snap up to neckline.
Back view can be of any style desired e.g. drawstring, belted, tucked, snapped or pleated.

Lab Coats can also be made in numerous styles and lengths. The most popular is the straight sleeve, 3-pocket (1 0n top, 2 on bottom) and belted back with lapel and collars.

Pants can be made with fitted waist, elastic or drawstring (or sometimes both together) whichever is your preference. Pockets can be slit or hidden side pockets, back pocket only or cargos. If there is another place on the pants you would like a pocket, that can be done also. The pant legs can be tapered, straight, wide, or ribbed. Seams can be double stitched to give a casual effect, e.g. jean style. We suggest you measure the thigh eliminating the baggy back of the legs, and also from waist to crotch. Some clients are very short waisted and need to be fitted in that area. All fitted waists have either a fly (zipper) or button opening in front, side, or back with or without pleats.

Dresses, skirts, vests,  jumpers, jumpsuits, stethoscope covers, and hair scrunchies can also be ordered.
Dresses are made in any style requested and are somewhat a longer version of the scrub tops and jackets.
Skirts are also any style  requested in any length.
Vests come in any style.
Jumpers are made in dress or pant form (overalls) with buttons or overall clasps, bib, cargo, back or front pocket.
Jumpsuits can be made in any style for neckline, buttons or zipper, and any style in the leg.
Stethoscope covers and scrunchies are usually made to match the outfit.