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Price List:

Basic V-neck top and basic drawstring elastic waist pants:
s,m,l $25 set; xl and up $30 set

Basic V-neck top only:
s,m,l $13; xl and up $15

Basic pants only:
s,m,l $14; xl and up $16

Tops requiring extras e.g. weskit, keyhole, snaps, or buttons:
s,m,l $15; xl and up $17

Pants requiring extras e.g. ribbed cuffs, extra pockets, zippers, or reinforced stitching:
s,m,l $16; xl and up $18

Casual jackets or long sleeve scrubs, any style e.g. V-neck, button or snap front, belted or gathered back, ribbed or straight sleeve:
s,m,l $18; xl and up $20

Lab coats, any style or length:

Dresses, any style:
s,m,l $25; xl and up $30

Skirts, any style:
s,m,l $16; xl and up $18

Vests and aprons, any style:
s,m,l $10; xl and up $12

Overall scrubs:

Jumpsuits, any style e.g. long sleeve, short sleeve, ribbed cuffs, V-neck, or button-snap:
s,m,l $35; xl and up $40


Stethoscope covers: